• Why I'm Thankful to Bulimia

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    WHY I’M THANKFUL TO BULIMIA I was 13 years old the day I first stuck my fingers down my throat and made myself sick. That day is etched in my memory like some still from an old black and white movie...
  • Candles and sleep: experiment time!

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    An experiment to work out how to achieve the best sleep for you and your family - what helps it? What makes it difficult?
  • Acid and Teeth Experiment

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    Here’s a fun experiment for you to set up on a rainy day.
  • All about taste!

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    Hate a certain veg? Will you accept our challenge to see if you can change your mind about it?
  • Supermarket Challenge 0-9

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    Grocery shopping can be really fun - and here's a good way of keeping you interested. See if you can get involved in the cooking part too!
  • Supermarket Challenge 9+

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    Do you hate grocery shopping? What about cooking? Well, why not try our Supermarket Challenge to get you more involved - in both things. And you'll learn loads about the foods you eat as well!
  • Outside Games

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    Did you know that moving around more outside rather than sitting inside watching TV is a great way to make you feel happy, healthy and more energetic? Well what are you waiting for? Get out there!
  • Guess what I am!

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    A game to pass the time whilst you're waiting for your parent to cook your dinner.
  • Ready, Steady, Cook!

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    Cooking's immense fun and you're never too young to start... do remember to ask your parent's permission though!
  • Sunny sinless tomato ketchup

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    What you need in your kitchen to get you started A chopping board; sharp knife; garlic press (if you have one or do it the old fashioned way with a knife); a wide cooking pot without a lid; an...