The Importance of Gravity for Mind, Body and Spirit

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Key Facts: 
  • Whilst warp speed might be what we wish for in this day and age, keeping our feet on the ground is what we actually need
  • Staying grounded, in connection with gravity, benefits not only our muscles, but also our minds and spirits
  • Luckily, we have permanent access to gravity - we just need to engage with it more
  • Just getting moving is one giant leap towards vital health for mind, body and spirit

Ever-Decreasing Circles

Most of us have lives that are incredibly full and busy: jam packed with work, responsibilities, a thousand things to do each day, and with a 1000 thoughts chasing through our minds each minute.

None of this is conducive to staying grounded… and, in a way, grounded is the last thing we feel we need to be if we’re to cope with everything that has to be done – low-flying would be good!

We have to make time to reconnect with ourselves though, and we do this by getting into nature, taking a break when we can, or by having a holiday every so often, if we are lucky.

Unfortunately, these few stolen moments are not always enough for our bodies to thrive.  We live sedentary lifestyles, we eat fast, convenient food on the run and, unsurprisingly, our bodies are starved not only of the right kind of food, but also of the right kind of movement and activity.

We also have to find time and space to feed and nurture our inner selves in all this madness.  Being grounded is important, but particularly so if you follow a path of mindfulness or a spiritual practice, because the inner world tends to take us into our higher centres and away from our bodies.  In fact, the more we focus on the ‘mind and spirit’ aspect of our lives, the more ungrounded our bodies can become.

Being ungrounded affects how we think and act, as well as how we sleep and relax. 

Pulling out of the Spiral

Staying grounded in a pressurised world is the best gift we can give ourselves – and this begins and ends with G force (our connection with gravity).  But, exercising one or two days at the gym doesn’t actually do this for us.

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