The Live-Longer Plan

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Key Facts: 
  • Governments have been telling the UK and US public to eat a low-fat diet for 30 years, without any scientific basis.  We are now paying a heavy price in both physical and economic terms
  • Information on how to become a better fat burner is crucial to dealing with the chronic disease crisis and an ageing population, but is being ignored by governments
  • Learn about the various ways cells make energy from carbs, protein and fats – and find out why fats produce the most energy and burn cleanest


If, like us, you're keen on living well and minimising your recourse to medical intervention for as long as possible, it’s important to understand the ways we use and store food as fuel.  Doing this right helps us become lean and fit and, above all, healthy and doctor-free!  It’s about taking back control of your health, whether you’ve already handed that responsibility to someone else or are worried it might happen in later life.

Having introduced the Food4Health Plate in our article on becoming more metabolically flexible, we now look at how we use and store the energy from that Food4Health Plate-inspired food plan.  And in Getting Nutritionally and Physically Flexible, we continue this article to also touch on how particular sequences of food and activity can be combined for optimum results. 

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