Physical Activity keeps your immune system in check

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Key Facts: 
  • Moving our bodies is key to our survival for so many reasons
  • Physical activity causes energy to increase in the muscles
  • The resultant burst of energy/activity in turn releases anti-inflammatories into the body and balances our immune systems at the same time
  • Nature has it covered!

Physical activity brings lifelong benefits. 

To be active is to be human by nature.  It’s been part of our history since we were first able to stand up, and developed out of survival.  It’s also associated with a lower risk of disease and is actually recommended in the treatment of numerous diseases.  So it makes sense that your immune system plays a leading role.

Our immune system is naturally involved in communicating with all the structures and processes in our body that keep us feeling well, healthy and disease free.  But when we move around it works in a whole new way and delivers incredible health bonuses.

Our immune system is very complex, having developed over millions of years to protect us from invaders such as bugs or viruses, as well as helping us to deal with wounds suffered after an attack from a wild animal.  Part of its remit includes sending messages to other body systems — such as the digestive and cardiovascular systems — via immune substances, hormones and neurotransmitters.

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