Chocolate Decadence... with a clearer conscience

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What you need in your kitchen to get started ...

  • Food processor/blender; double boiler or Bain Marie; saucepan; hand or electric beater; metal spoon; 9 inch cake tin; wire cooling rack

Nutritional Note

This cake is choc-ful (pun intended!) of goodness.  Not only does it pack a hormone-enhancing, antioxidant punch with the cocoa powder and high quality dark chocolate, but there's also a high protein hit with the ground almonds and eggs to help offset the carb load — albeit natural.  The dates and the flour help out with your daily fibre requirments too, but it is also GLUTEN FREE

 and coated in coconut cream, which is packed with brain-fuelling, fat-busting MCTs.  If you're not dairy intolerant, you could use a little of the fresh live yoghurt (with its gut friendly live bacteria) to have with the cake instead of cream! 

Serves 6-8 people depending on the generosity of your slices!  Keep in a cool room or the fridge.  Contains dairy and eggs, but can be dairy free by replacing the 50g of live yoghurt with an extra 50 mL of water.


For the cake

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