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Key Facts: 
  • Because of our individual and myriad differences, wide-scale, generic solutions to obesity and disease are failing
  • Our food, our minds (emotions) and our individual lifestyles and genetics all determine our reaction to and ability to control our fuel intake
  • The ANH Int'l Food4Health Plate is an answer to the current failing government initiatives on food combining
  • Quite literally, it offers health and longevity on a plate!

Why are we fat and sick?

It is becoming increasingly clear that obesity, and a wide range of other chronic diseases linked to disturbed metabolism (how we utilise and store our fuel/food), are the result NOT of excess calories, but of an intricate relationship between our food, our minds, our lifestyles and our genes. No two people are the same, making generic treatment impossible.

Which other chronic diseases? Just the biggest killers in society: including many forms of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, anxiety and depression.

It’s complicated

Food is our fuel.  Putting in the right combination (of protein, fats and carbs) ensures we get the right benefits out of it.  Advice abounds as to what, exactly, that right combination might be, for example:

•    UK - Eatwell plate
•    Spain (Fundación Dieta Mediterránea) - Mediterranean Diet Pyramid
•    US – MyPlate
•    Australia - Eat for Health Plate

But, sadly, there are three big complications with all of these notional plates:

1) Your level and type of physical activity
2) Your metabolic flexibility
3) Your genetics

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