Gaining metabolic balance

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Key Facts: 

•    An all-natural nutrition plan that recognises your individuality
•    Following the personalised plan helps you reach your perfect body weight naturally
•    This method balances and strengthens your metabolism gently and permanently
•    It’s effective at any age or stage

The battle at hand

Obesity is rapidly on the rise in the Western world and chronic diseases are spiralling out of control – many caused by poor nutritional and lifestyle choices.  National health budgets are literally buckling under the strain.  Yet we're all in control of our health because food, nutrition and lifestyle choices are key to optimising or jeopardising it.

Diets today are often full of refined carbohydrates that force the body into an over-production of insulin, also known as our 'fat storage hormone'.  Insulin's responsible for maintaining a balanced blood sugar level, which crucially maintains energy levels and is one of our main metabolic hormones. Any imbalance can result in negative consequences for our health, and our waistlines!  Insulin allows blood sugar to enter the cells to supply the body with energy, but continually choosing foods – and drinks – high in sugar, combined with being overweight, has a strong effect on the delicate balance between blood sugar and insulin levels.  This is why insulin balance is at the root of so many common illnesses and disorders.

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