Milk – In or Out? The decision is yours.

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Key Facts: 
  • Milk: an all-round nutrient-dense food, bone and body builder and immune modulator, but with unpredictable risks
  • Why raw milk outguns pasteurised milk
  • Milk drinkers: are you game to change your animal source?
  • Find out more about the link between dairy products, multiple sclerosis and other auto-immune diseases

There’s no denying that milk, whether from a cow, goat, sheep, buffalo or camel, provides beneficial nutritional factors.  The key questions, though, are a) whether you can obtain those nutritional benefits only from milk and b) whether the potential health risks outweigh any benefits, at least for some.  

In our first article we offered our reasons why dairy is off the ANH-Intl’s Food4Health plate.  The milk story now continues so you can make your own informed choices about your level of involvement with dairy.

Science can’t decide

Let’s be upfront: the science presents a mixed bag of results so it’s impossible to make a definitive judgment one way or the other that will apply to all people at all times of their lives.  Certain people could benefit from the right kind of dairy products whilst others just increase their susceptibility to dairy-driven health problems.  And don’t forget, the addictive nature of the casomorphins can override any gut instinct you may have about whether milk is doing you any good or not.

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