Milk - What the ads don't tell you

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Key Facts: 
  • Three quarters of the world’s population are totally unable to digest dairy products after infancy
  • The legal high from dairy ‘addiction’ is linked to potent casomorphin opioids (yup – an opiate!)
  • The dairy industry’s animal abuse goes totally unpunished, but our milk comes from highly stressed cows
  • Cows’ milk is anything but a health food!

Successful marketing

Despite a whopping 75% of the world’s population being unable to digest lactose, a monster PR and marketing campaign has us convinced that cows’ milk is a necessity, especially for the young.  This may be entirely true – for calves!  But for human beings over the age of 5, it can actually be the cause of inflammation and disease.

Challenging your worldview

Are you feeling like we’ve just told you that the world is actually flat after all?  It’s been a great campaign, hasn’t it?  However, your horror at a world without milk might not be entirely down to good marketing.

Ever wondered why cheese, ice cream and milk chocolate are such comfort foods?  Wonder no more: milk contains casomorphin, a natural opiate from the same family as morphine!  Casomorphins are peptides (protein fragments), released by digestion of the protein fraction, casein, in milk.  They can be just as addictive as other opioids such as heroin and morphine.  So, it’s not just sugar that’s addictive…and here we are still feeling like we’ve failed in our parental responsibilities if our children aren’t drinking at least a glass of milk a day.  It’s marketed as a health aid, but milk comes at a high cost for your health.

Mother’s milk…

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