Simple vs complex…it’s simply always complex!

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Key Facts: 
  • If you eat too many refined, sugary processed foods you will constantly be riding the blood sugar rollercoaster, with energy highs and lows becoming the norm
  • Increasing numbers of people are suffering from gluten ‘intolerance’, with digestive problems becoming a very painful side effect
  • The best carbohydrate sources are fruits and vegetables, not from grains
  • Fruits and vegetables are packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals, all packed up in easily digestible and absorbable forms – just as nature intended

Our DNA is coded for protein – which means, among other things, that every muscle and organ in our bodies requires protein in order to function.  Our body doesn’t have similar mechanisms for carbohydrates.  But, it’s important not to misunderstand that last statement.  Carbohydrates, specifically complex carbohydrates, are critical for the body.  We need them to construct cell membranes, for our connective tissues and for the metabolism of red blood cells.  However, as we’re only coded for proteins, the body has to use special enzymes to connect to the carbohydrate structure to utilise it. 

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