Some festive first-aid tips!

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Have a whale of a time, but don’t start your year feeling like that whale!

According to a study published in Nutrition Reviews quite a few years ago, the extra two to five pounds the average person gains each year at midlife tend to stick… meaning that New Year's Resolutions don’t shift them. So, what we want to avoid is this holiday season being any reason to start your year feeling bad about yourself!

Don't let this....

Turn into this!


Here are our best seasonal strategies to help keep the whale at bay!

1. Start your day with a shake. The holiday season is busy. You’re working, shopping, catering, organising, socialising, prepping, eating. So start your day the easy way and make yourself a shake. Use a clean protein source (preferably not whey as it's dairy-based), mix in your favourite berries, greens, etc and you’ve got yourself a nutritious, portable meal you can have on the go.

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