Is your body ignoring you?

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Key Facts: 
  • Muscles burn more calories than fat
  • The thyroid will slow down your metabolism if it’s not getting enough fuel from your diet
  • We haven’t fully adapted from thousands of years ago when fat storage was a necessity to survive

If you’ve ruled out all other possibilities, including sluggish thyroid or diabetes, there maybe a chance your body’s hit starvation mode.  In short, it’s highly likely you’ve sabotaged yourself in your quest to get thin.

Your metabolism may well be working fine, but eating too little could be the reason your scales remain stuck – or are even creeping up.  The temptation to starve yourself may be hard to get over, but your body actually needs fuel to burn to do its job properly.  If you’re not giving it enough, it flips into starvation mode and instead becomes efficient at storing every calorie you consume – just in case there’s another famine coming. After all, thousands of years ago when we had to hunt and gather for every meal, we didn’t eat little and often, so our bodies had to become thrifty with fat storage.

Your body didn't get that 21st Century memo

Sadly, not all of our metabolisms have adapted to deal with the fact that today we can eat as often as we like, if we choose to.  The body is STILL busy laying down those fat stores for us every time we eat.  Your body needs fuel to survive, so if you starve yourself it will simply grab what it can from muscle tissue and burn that for energy, not fat.

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