All about taste!

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Did you know?

If you were made to try lots of different fruits and vegetables when you were young, you're more likely to eat lots of different ones now!



Did you know?

Some people are much better at tasting bitter substances than others. Bitter tastes usually come from plants, so these people often don't like certain more bitter-tasting vegetables.


Experiment time!

Some people have studied taste and they have found that we can train ourselves to like new flavours BUT it takes at least 10-15 tries before we like it!
Now we should know by now that vegetables are good for us.  Some people, though, just don’t like certain veg.  We’re going to challenge you now to choose a vegetable that you don’t like very much…it could be broccoli, or olives, or swede, it’s up to you but we’re going to trust you to pick something that you don’t like!!
Ask your adult to help you prepare it if it is something that needs to be cooked (like broccoli or swede).  
We’d like you to portion your chosen food into 14 small bite sized chunks.  If it is something that will go mouldy in 14 days you could either put some in a plastic bag in the freezer or re-cook/ re-buy your food halfway through the experiment.
Now, each day you need to remember to try 1 piece of your chosen food – if you think you won’t remember then stick a post-it note on the fridge door to remind you!
After 14 days hopefully you will have trained yourself to like this vegetable!! 

Please upload a comment below – the Bite the Sun team are all dying to know what happened!! 







Date: 21 June 2016