Barnaby's Favourite Things to do Outside

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Barnaby loves being outside - he knows how much good it does him and he also knows that there is just loads of loads fun to be had.  These are some of his favourite things to do.  Have you tried them yet?

1.    Get Crafty! 

There are tons of cool things you can find outside if you look for them.  Try and find some pretty flowers, leaves, or even odd shaped twigs.   These look really good if you stick them on to a piece of plain card with some glue – hey presto, you’ve got a birthday card for someone!  If you’ve got some sticky backed plastic at home, you can cover your card so that it will protect your flowers on the front.
If you find flowers or leaves, why don’t you press them to make them last longer?  If you don’t have a proper flower press, just get two pieces newspaper and lay the flowers or leaves between the two sheets of paper.  Then get a heavy book and lay the pieces of newspaper (with your flower inside) on top.  Find some more heavy books and put them on top.  It can help if you put it somewhere warm like the airing cupboard, but you don’t have to do that.  Leave it for a week and when you come back to check on it, they’ll be dry and ready to use!

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