Candles and sleep: experiment time!

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We’re sure you all LOVE your science lessons at school right?!  Well at least you might like the bit where you actually get to do something, maybe not the writing about it bit.  Well we’ve got a really interesting experiment for you guys to do, and don’t worry we won’t make you write down the method!

Here’s a little bit of background information for you – just so you understand what we’re experimenting with!

It's all about sleep

How well do you sleep?  Do you get enough do you think?  Sleep is very interesting actually, because when we're asleep it allows our body to do all sorts of things like growing, healing wounds, and storing memories of things we’ve learned in the day.  It helps us to regulate our appetite too.  Not getting enough sleep has been linked to obesity and bad moods.

Did you know that our eyes are the main thing that tells us when to sleep?  There is a special part of the eye, which senses when it is light outside so that we should wake up and it also senses when the light has gone so we should go to sleep.

Here’s how it works

Have you ever seen a rainbow?  A rainbow is just light that’s been reflected so that we see all the colours light is made up of.  But it’s handy to think about, because it’s the blue light (or the blue bit of the rainbow) that our eye senses.  When there isn’t enough blue light, the eye tells the brain to make a special substance called melatonin.  It’s melatonin that makes us sleepy.

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