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You know that feeling when you can’t think of anything good to do and you’re sitting around the house bored, and the easiest thing to do is switch on the TV or a video game or a tablet and stare at the screen for an hour or so?  We all have that from time to time right?  Well here are some ideas to give you something more interesting to do than staring at a screen.

1.  Move

Did you know that moving and exercise are linked to increased motivation and mood?  Interesting huh?!  Now, whether you live in a flat, a house, a mansion or a car-park (!), there are ALWAYS things you can do to get moving.  Have a look here at some types of movements you can do:

  • Get in a crouch position and then try ‘running’ on your hands and feet across the room.  See if you can time yourself or get someone else to time you.  Can you beat your time?  Keep going trying to beat your time over and over until you’ve got the fastest time possible! 
  • Do you have a staircase in your house or a staircase in your block of flats?  Either on your own or with a friend, see how many times you can run up and down the stairs in 5 minutes – it’s harder than you think isn’t it?! 

  • Where possible get yourself outside.  There are tons of games you can play outside, or why not invent your own game?  

2. Explore

No matter where you are, there are always things to explore, you may just have to be a bit more creative:

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