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Have a look here for some of Barnaby’s ideas of what to do outside.  The best games are ones you’ve made up yourself, but if you’re stumped for ideas then here are ten different ones to get you started – feel free to change the rules or use your imagination to add a whole new part to the game:

Hide and Seek

I’m sure you know how to play this one, but if not, then you need to send one person off to hide.  The rest of the players (it can be one person or lots of people) count to 20 with their eyes shut.  Peekers are cheaters don’t forget!!  When they’ve got to 20, everyone runs to try and find the person who is hidden.  The first one to find them then takes over the hiding.  You can add another part to this game – the first person who finds the hider, then hides with them.  This continues with each person in the game hiding when they’ve found the hidden person.  The last person to find everyone becomes the new hider. 

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