Screen time versus Green time? 

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Gaming time, 
What a kick.
Heart beats fast,
Just keep it slick.
Back is hunched,
Fingers numb,
Leave off mum,
I’m nearly done.
I can’t sleep,
I can’t chat,
Can’t sit still
Got a new app.
Tired, grumpy,
Trouble at school.
Can’t go home,
Got detention hall.


Breathe the air,
Feel the sun.
Hear the birds,
I want to run.
Meet my friends,
Smile and shout.
I feel good,
As we mess about.
Chance to fish?
Build a hut?
Grow some veg?
Sink a golf putt!
Skin’s aglow
Legs are strong.
Looking good,
As I stroll along.



Date: 26 January 2016