Story time

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    Once upon a time ... There was a beautiful eagle, who lived with her four fluffy eagle chicks at the top of a very, very, tall tree. One of these eagle chicks (let’s call him Eagle 1), was the...
  • Good fat, bad fat, eat fat, no fat?

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    A young bushbaby goes to Barnaby for help to understand all the confusing information about which fats are good for him and which are bad. Are you also confused?
  • Bobby the young Bushbaby

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    Bobby, a little bushbaby afraid of the dark, goes to Barnaby for advice on how to fight his fear. Are you ever afraid of anything? Maybe you could try doing what Bobby learns to!
  • The King that was scared of the dark

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    A powerful king suffers terribly in the dark - so much so he tries to change night into day! What do you think happens in his kingdom?
  • Ana and the Old Man

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    In a village, a long way away from here , there lived a woman called Ana. Ana lived with her husband and her baby boy in a small but modest cottage right in the centre of the village. One day as Ana...