Eating for Victory

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Clare Millar (Dip Nut, GAPS, Ba Hons, mBANT, CNHC)
Eat For Victory Nutrition Consultancy

Eat For Victory! What can we learn from the diet and lifestyle of the 1940’s?

When I graduated with a diploma in Nutritional Therapy 3 years ago, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to create my dream job. It had to involve food (every other part of my life does) and it had to involve donning a uniform of vintage couture. Well what’s the point in having a wardrobe of 1940’s clothes, if all they do is gather dust?!

I also saw the need for simple, accessible, practical, information about diet and lifestyle, not to mention the need for fun in the kitchen! We as a nation are lost when it comes to what to eat now. We believe everything we are told by newspapers, the TV, food packaging and advertisements and we’re baffled when it comes to accessing our inherent skills. Many have lost access to the kind of information that was traditionally passed down through generations: good, simple, accessible, wholesome cooking skills.

I believe the solutions for today’s diet and lifestyle problems lie not so much in forward thinking but in looking back at what has gone before us - during a time of austerity, when we were apparently at our healthiest. I am interested in this period because I believe a lot of the problems we encounter today can be solved with a bit of ‘make do and mend’.

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