High fat, low carbs…high protein….Paleo?

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Robert Verkerk, BSc MSc DIC PhD

Dr Verkerk, founder, executive & scientific director, Alliance for Natural Health International

Why are we getting fat?

Eat less calories and exercise more. That’s all you need to do to lose weight, right? Or eliminate the obesity epidemic?

Sorry, but if it were that simple, we’d have no epidemic. The Western world would be full of lithe people, who’d look – wait a minute – more like the majority of people in India and Africa who aren’t eating processed food, or Western-style diets?

Strange as it seems, the science is now increasingly clear that obesity and a wide range of other chronic diseases linked to disturbed metabolism, or should we say fuel utilisation and storage, are the result of complex interactions between our food, our minds, our lifestyles and our genes. It’s this complexity that makes obesity and other diet and lifestyle related diseases such tough nuts to crack. Did I say which other diseases? Just the biggest killer diseases in society, and the ones that lead to the greatest loss of quality of life and cost to society. They include many forms of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, anxiety and depression.

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