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  • Life after MB – is there such a thing?

    By geek_girl | 03 December 2015

    Before I start I wanted to apologise to anyone that took the time out to read my previous blogs and has been waiting with bated breath to read the follow ups.  You can breathe a sigh of relief, here’s my final entry about my metabolically challenged life.

    As you all know my 12 weeks on...

  • Week 6: Snacking. That’s so last season

    By geek_girl | 03 December 2015

    No one is born a habitual snacker, but through years and years of listening to advice from the health authorities we’ve become accustomed to snacking.

    As you all know the MB programme doesn’t advocate nor permit snacking.  Its principles are based on the best way to boost your metabolism...

  • Week 5: Work, Rest & Play

    By geek_girl | 31 July 2015

    Geek-girl's kept the faith through the bad times, has it paid off in Week 5 of her metabolic reset?

  • Week 4: Muscle Memory. Truth or Myth?

    By geek_girl | 30 July 2015

    Week 4 of Geek-Girl's metabolic reset.  Back to the gym at last.  How are her numbers doing?

  • Week 3: Cheat or Treat?

    By geek_girl | 30 July 2015

    Week 3 of Geek-girl's metabolic reset. The glory of the treat meal, but it's not all glorious!

  • Week 2: Variety is the Spice of Life

    By geek_girl | 08 July 2015

    Week 2 of Geek-girl's 12 week metabolic reset. Time to be super-creative to sustain sanity!

  • Week 1: Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail

    By geek_girl | 29 June 2015

    Week 1 of Geek-girl's 12 week metabolic reset. It's tough - has she found any pluses?

  • The Start: Age Is Nothing But A Number

    By geek_girl | 22 June 2015

    Stay-tuned to Geek-Girl's 'numbers' as she charts her metabolic and physical transformation!

  • How to think thin

    By Anonymous | 06 March 2014

    This is isn't a self-help story about looking at yourself in the mirror every day and telling yourself , "You're gorgeous!" or anything. It’s not even a success story. Rather, it's a work-in-progress story. It’s about the constant struggle I have (largely unsuccessful) to re-train my brain and...