My first cycle marathon

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Luckily I was blissfully unaware that Ditchling Beacon awaited me when I took part in the now infamous London to Brighton cycle ride.  Not infamous so much for its length, but more for the sheer numbers that ride the 54-mile route and the Beacon that has to be tackled in order to reach the finish line.  I had been told by many an enthusiast that the route was only very gently undulating until the final hill before you get into Brighton.  I hadn’t the faintest notion of just how much this final hill could fill the minds of cyclists with such a sense of foreboding that even the most seasoned of those would not dare assume they could scale it on an off day.  And there we were, bleary-eyed and not very bushy-tailed, waiting at an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning on Clapham Common, ready to make the iconic journey from city to coast.

My ride prep

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