Is 'organic wine' a healthy lifestyle choice?

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John Lang. Founder, co-owner, Good Wine Online

The short and surprising answer is NO.

The longer answer is quite complicated so let me explain a bit. It all depends on which organic wine you buy, so simply having “organic” on the label does not mean the wine is even remotely healthy!

Good wine made naturally is exceptionally good for us healthwise, yet we are constantly told by the powers that be that drinking wine is bad for us and will give us an array of illnesses from heart attack to cancer. Do you remember that ridiculous and completely inaccurate headline last year - drinking two glasses of wine a day causes cancer? The study it was based on was completely flawed.

Yet the truth is exactly the opposite - drinking good wine can actually reduce the likelihood of contracting cancer by as much as 50%, reduce heart disease and stroke, reduce Alzheimers and dementia, and even reduce the likelihood of contracting diabetes by 50%.

You can read the benefits in a report by renowned physician and winemaker Dr Phil Norrie MBBS, MA, MSc, MSocSc[Hons], PhD.

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