Rooting out the problem behind the pain

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Begoña Ruiz Núñez

"I switched my approach as a physiotherapist from ‘the problem is where the pain manifests', to ‘the pain manifests because there's a problem’. The more I helped patients to solve their troubles, the more I realised how all aspects of who we are as human beings (emotional, cognitive, social, sexual, physiological) are interconnected, and how the interplay between each of these key areas influences our health and wellbeing". 

My blog isn't about any recent or striking new piece of research or topic relating to natural health, nor is it about any mind blowing discovery. It's also not intended to be a biochemistry lesson on how certain micronutrients have an effect on body cells, organs and/or systems. I also decided against focusing on how important it is to exercise before we eat, which is linked to a fundamental way of living for our ancient hunter-gatherer tribal ancestors.  Instead, my blog is more of a 'thinking out loud' kind of piece about a subject I've been mulling over in my mind for a long time. It's rooted in years of interaction with colleagues, experts, students, friends and patients, and is a reflection of my own experience and interpretation of reality today – which might be completely different tomorrow.

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