FAQ and Answers

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1.  What is Bite the Sun?

Bite the Sun is a community based health initiative to inspire vital lives.  Probably best summed up as ‘the gateway to the Holy Grail of vital health’.
It’s a dynamic web hub and social media gateway that provides people with the information, motivational tools, and community support to help combine their nutrition, physical activity, rest and peace of mind – in a way that works best for them.
Bursting with easy to follow information, articles, recipes and more, the Bite the Sun website provides extensive advice across all three ‘Rays of Health’: food, activity and rest. 

2.  Why now?

Quite simply, because it’s really needed!  Chronic disease and obesity rates are spiraling out of all mainstream control and in many countries the fabric of society is pretty out of whack too.  We recognise that people need people.  None of us are islands.  So we created an online platform where people of like-mind can gather in a supportive community – as well as explore, learn and share. 

3.  Why the strange name?

To us, it denotes a life so vital and energetic that you feel powerful enough to ‘bite the sun’. Hence, our core mission is to provide a myriad of tools for people to achieve and surpass their health goals – to metaphorically feel they could ‘bite the sun’!

4.  What’s the driving force behind the concept?

The Bite the Sun team is made up of experienced clinicians and scientists who have all suffered their own health challenges and brought themselves back to vital health using diet and lifestyle changes.  They bring together the latest and most relevant science with their own clinical experience of what really works – even for those who are typically labelled as ‘non-responders’ by doctors and other healthcare practitioners.  Bite the Sun addresses head-on those barriers that typically get in the way of people getting really healthy, happy, fit or trim.  But it’s all easy and practical to access.

5.  How do I know where to start if I'm a beginner?

The very first step is to check out our Pathways to the Sun – found in each Ray of Health: Food Bites, Active Bites and Rest Bites.  After you’ve then set up your profile and joined the community, you will find yourself on your personal ‘dashboard’.  Your dashboard that allows you to log and track your health status, monitor metabolic risk and see where you’re at with your emotional awareness – amongst other cool stuff!  The really cool bit comes from the integral app – the Bite Monitor – that translates data entered on diet, activity and rest into easy and intuitive graphical displays.  Imagine being able to instantly see what food, activity, sleep and relaxation techniques are really doing for you – or on the flip side – what they’re not doing!  Your data is then archived for a year so you can feast your eyes on your progress any time you need a boost!  As a further help, take a look at Bite Shifts. They’re there to prime your creativity and help you have some fun whilst you shift.

6.  Does Bite the Sun provide any ways of meeting others online in the community who may be on the same path to health / vitality as me?

Yes!  As well as being jam-packed with information, it also harnesses the positive power of social media.  As a member of the BTS tribe — and only if you want to — you’ll be plugged into a worldwide community of like-minded, health-aware or health-desiring people.  There are almost endless possibilities to share information, ideas and experiences, as well as strengthen local communities in terms of products and services.  But you have the option of keeping it all to yourself too and keeping your experience a private one.

7.  Who wrote all the information, can I trust it?

Bite the Sun has been designed by experienced clinicians and scientists who have decades of experience in their fields — as well has having come through their own health challenges.  All the information is very up to date with cutting-edge research.

8.  What's the Bite Monitor all about?

The Bite Monitor represents an innovative and radical step forward in the current health and lifestyle app market. It embodies a programme that exists within the heart of the Bite the Sun member’s area and acts as a fulcrum on which the rest of the site’s content pivots. The Bite Monitor not only encourages people to monitor and assess their diet, lifestyle and health status on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it also spearheads appropriate shifts to enhance quality of life, vitality and the reduction of disease risk. 
The programme is fully interactive and members have the option to keep it all private or share summary data via the Bite the Sun community and / or Facebook.
When members start setting up their profile and enter personal details and bodymetrics – including weight, hip, waist, chest and height measurements – they find out their representative fruit or vegetable shape, together with the metabolic risk category that best fits their bodymetric profile. If you’re not happy with your shape, or category of metabolic risk, you can change it!
The Pathways to the Sun form a step-by-step guide through our Food, Active and Rest Bites Rays of Health to help shift people from being primarily carb burners – and more prone to piling on the pounds – to fat burners, so they can burn fat even when they’re
sleeping. That’s the way human evolution intended.  
On the Bite the Sun website there’s plenty to help people learn just how far most of us have strayed off track. The Bite Monitor helps us get back and keep everything on track. And it’s so simple to use. Just plug in what you eat, when and how you exercise, sleep and relax, and the Bite Monitor will interrogate dozens of authoritative databases and tell individuals how they’re doing in simple percentage terms against an ideal benchmark.

9.  Why is Bite the Sun a personal motivational tool for me?

As a community platform, as well as an information hub, Bite the Sun represents a step-change for personal health management in the 21st century, offering unparalleled opportunities for transformation and achievement beyond what users ever thought possible.  Go on and check it all out – we have so much on there to share with you!

10.  Who can I expect to find in the Bite the Sun community? 

Anyone and everyone who is health conscious or health-desiring and is drawn to join the community!  We’re very inclusive here and we specialise in translating complex information into engaging, ‘bite-sized’ pieces for both the health novice and health nut.  There really is something for everyone no matter what their particular health desire.

11.  If I join the Bite the Sun community is my personal data safe?

Yes, absolutely. We take privacy very seriously and make a commitment to you all in our Privacy Pledge that your data will never be shared or sold to any third parties.  
Should you opt in, your completely anonymised data will be used for research into the multi-modality diet, lifestyle and emotional shifts explored by Bite the Sun – research that could be instrumental in changing public health policy for the better.  But you have to opt in for this for us to use any of your data.  We hope you will, but respect your decision if you decide not to.

12.  How much does it cost?

We so want Bite the Sun to be available to as many people who want it, so we’ve kept the costs down mega low.  You’ll get a new ‘stamp’ in your Bite Passport for every year you journey with the community.  Your annual stamp costs just £25 (or the equivalent in your currency), which equates to just 7 p per day.  Not bad for accessing the ‘Holy Grail of self-care’!  And the best bit — 10% of your membership fee goes to environmental and humanitarian causes that are truly making a difference on the planet!
Date: 10 July 2014