Getting Started

Getting Started
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We’re here to partner and guide you to the vibrant health we’re all capable of!  

If you’re a jump-right-in-because-it-'feels'-right sort, then go ahead and START HERE.  Or, read all About Us and Contact Us anytime for more info. It'll take just a few minutes max to get your base info into your Profile to get some immediate outputs, then you can do the rest at your leisure.  In fact, we feel you'll get more out of the experience if you take your time over it. 

For the next 6 weeks we'll be in beta-testing mode, so your constructive feedback will play a huge part in developing this exciting platform even further. 

We’re giving you 3 weeks free to engage with all the Bite the Sun community has to offer before becoming a full member.  Thereafter, for only £25 per year (that’s just 7p a day by the way, or the equivalent in your currency you can track your progress over a day, week or month, and share it (if you want to) with other members or your Facebook friends.

Oh, and if you're wondering who the little guy is at the bottom right of your screen, that's Barnaby.  He's busier in the Kids Bites area (coming soon!), but he’s got ‘hints and tips’ for the adults too and he’s even got his own Twitter account! His handprints alongside articles denote their complexity, so one handprint is a swift and easy read, with two and three needing increasing focus and concentration as your time allows. You’ll also see his handprints on the Bite Shifts to indicate the level of challenge you’re letting yourself in for!

We really hope you enjoy your journey with Bite the Sun and have as much fun as we do putting it together for you!

Date: 16 July 2014