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Our Vision

We’ve already been described as “the social media platform for the health empowered”, and the “the gateway to the Holy Grail of vital health”, which we think is pretty cool!  But if you’ve not heard of us yet, we’re working on building a global community of people who all share our vision that vibrant health is possible for all those who want it.  We’re all capable of it – but for some, we know it may seem like a long haul.  None of us are super-human.  Life’s tough and living healthily can seem tougher still.  Bite the Sun’s here to show you what’s possible.  To shine a light on a pathway through nutritional and lifestyle obstacles by providing a myriad of tools to help everyone who wants to get on, or stay on, the right track.  

Let’s face it – globally we’ve got a problem.  The worldwide degenerative disease crisis is spiralling out of control.  The ‘big five’, largely preventable, chronic conditions, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity and osteoporosis have touched just about every person or family, either directly or indirectly.  Yet the heavily promoted dietary and lifestyle guidelines we’ve been given by our governments just aren’t working, and the impacts are being felt right across the board.  Healthcare systems are literally buckling under the strain.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that just in Britain alone, around 5 million die every year from the big chronic diseases, especially from heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  Stats like that aren’t good for governments when lost income from premature deaths, or lost productivity through ill health, is costing billions.  The figures on type 2-diabetes alone are terrifying: they’re set to increase by 25% in coming years!  The good news is that, according to the WHO, 80% of these premature deaths are preventable just by eating healthier and ditching the junk, moving more and quitting smoking.

Our mission

As a group of experienced clinical practitioners and scientists who’ve won through to the vital side of our own health challenges, we couldn’t sit back and do nothing.  Not when the solutions are staring us all right in the face.  And not when the practitioners among us, both personally and professionally, have seen so many powerful transformations by making relatively simple nutritional and lifestyle shifts.  So three years ago we turned our frustration into positive intention and made it our mission to help spearhead change among communities on a global scale.  We’ve poured all our passion and more into creating Bite the Sun, all to empower individuals to take control of their own health.  And thanks to social media, we think the timing of our launch couldn’t be better. 

Our strategic partners

This is the start of the ‘solution’ to prevent chronic, preventable, disease rates shooting any further skyward.  Our strategic partners agree.  We’re bowled over by the support we’ve received already from the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) and the Natura Foundation.  The former is the leading not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) of its kind in the world, and works globally to promote natural and sustainable approaches to healthcare, as well as maintaining our right to choose and access natural health.  The latter is a leading practitioner-training centre for the study of clinical Pyschoneuroimmunology (PNI), now established on the world stage as a solid scientific discipline with a cutting-edge approach to healthcare.  Whilst the Natura Foundation deals exclusively with practitioners, Bite the Sun is now uniquely positioned to bring this leading-edge information directly to you.  Both our strategic partners stand firmly behind Bite the Sun’s commitment to investing 10% of profits into taking care of the planet for all our futures.  We’re carefully selecting not-for-profit, humanitarian and environmental projects at the moment, and will have more details available soon. 

Our Bite the Sun blueprint

With Bite the Sun, living on the vital side of life, full of energy and passion, is there for the taking, once the right ingredients are put in place.  We’re here to help educate communities about what to do, rather than what ‘not’ to do, and how to make realistic and practical changes that really work and fit comfortably around busy lifestyles.

We know that what we eat and how much we move both have a direct influence on our health, but how we relax and emotional peace of mind is just as crucial.  Getting these into balance is key to a healthy, happy life. Not easy when there’s so many conflicting opinions out there, with experts changing tack like the wind.  One size certainly doesn’t fit all!  We know that consumers are bewildered and hungry for a single, simple resource for applicable health tips that can be relied upon and used in a way that works best for them.  At Bite the Sun we guide individuals on what they need to prioritise and clear a pathway through the information maze via three ‘Rays of Health’: food, activity and rest.  And there’s so much more!  Our website’s bursting with easy to follow information, including:

•    Expert blogs
•    Members blogs
•    Videos
•    Recipes
•    Life shifts
•    Tracking
•    Practical ‘how-to’ guides
•    Webinars
•    And fun!

We translate complex information into engaging, ‘bite-sized’ pieces for both the health novice and health nut.  Armed with our ‘Pathways to the Sun’ (treasure maps, of sorts) and the will to journey, our three ‘Rays of Health’ will guide you from whatever your starting point to your ultimate destination of choice.

There are no magic bullets here though.  We all have to get to our vital selves under our own steam – but rest assured our Bite Monitor, packed with scientific magic, will help every step of the way so every individual is in their own driving seat for the entire journey.  The Bite Monitor is a state-of-the-art, bespoke, personalised and scientifically-devised programme that will assess your starting position, mark out the best route, track progress, monitor health status, and offer tips along the way.  

It’s all wrapped within a supportive community where members can explore, learn, share as much of their journey as they choose with one another, and thrive.  On joining the community, privacy boundaries are selected and can increase or decrease at any point.  From there it’s possible to message other Bite the Sun members, publish successes and share even more widely with Facebook friends, or just gain strength and inspiration from following other people’s posts.  Each member of the Bite the Sun team is a member of the Bite the Sun community.  So every member’s journey is part of ours – and vice versa.  We all need others to lean on at some point!

We hope you’ll join us on our quest to take charge of our own health, and turn back the clock to a time before stress and health disintegration became synonymous with modern living.  We know there’s an incredibly exciting journey ahead for all those who choose it, one that has the potential to empower and transform in ways that are almost unimaginable.

The vibrant health we’re all capable of – that’s been lost by so many – is now within our grasp!


Date: 17 July 2014