The Sunshine Code of Conduct

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The vision of Bite the Sun is a gift from our hearts to yours. We hope you see it that way too and understand that it is our greatest desire that all our members feel free and safe to beam their rays of sunshine on the tribe too. It's important we’re all on the same page with regard to Bite the Sun, so we ask all members to agree to abide by our Sunshine Code. We know just how important good boundaries are in order to create safe, clean, respectful spaces and we want everyone’s experiences on Bite the Sun to be great ones. We trust you do too!
In becoming a Bite the Sun member, I therefore understand and agree to:
  1. Come with an open heart and mind and a commitment to explore, learn, share and grow with and from the Bite the Sun community – whether I become an active, public member or not.
  2. Take responsibility for myself and my contributions to the community. Stay away from naming and shaming, playing the victim or blaming others (or Bite the Sun) for my life circumstances. My life experiences are what I make of them and what I’ve essentially created (consciously and unconsciously) – they’re no one else’s fault.
  3. Respect that this is an initiative created especially for the health-conscious and health-desiring. It is not a place to denigrate, disrespect or abuse others for their desire to use nutrition, lifestyle changes or natural means to manage and improve their health. Sharing is welcomed, judgmental, angry, destructively critical or abusive words or language are not, and communications of this type may get me excluded from Bite the Sun at the discretion of Bite the Sun’s management.
  4. Recognise that we are all at different stages of our journey in life and I will be respectful and supportive of everyone’s learning process through his or her own personal transformation.
  5. Be honest. My integrity is one of the most precious aspects of me, and in respecting my integrity, I naturally respect it in others.
  6. Be appreciative of myself and others in the community and of the fact that we’re all human – and a little fallible at times! Gratitude and appreciation are emotions that everyone, regardless of culture, age or continent, can ‘feel’. They lift the resonance of everyone’s experience and help us all to create a more positive and supportive culture in which to thrive.
Date: 08 July 2014