The 5 metamodels: which one is driving you?

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Key Facts: 
  • Being in sync with ourselves and the world around us means having a flow between our 'networks'
  • Our networks refer to our external world as much as to our internal world
  • The 5 metamodels (aspects of life) engage and interact with each other to generate flow
  • Whether that flow is harmonious and positive or turbulent and challenging is down to how many roadblocks you may inadvertently have placed in your way!
  • Take the My Physical Me questionnaire from time to time and check which aspect is in your driver's seat

If we didn’t compartmentalise our lives we would find it pretty hard to control the chaos that would likely ensue. Learning to juggle between the things we have to do and the things we like to do can seem like a full-time job — and a very stressful one at times!

Whether or not you’re good at juggling things happening in your immediate environment, and indirectly within the world around you, all are having an impact on one or more aspects of your health. Be they positive or negative, our external networks (social / sexual life and relationships; family; acquaintances; employment and interested people connected to our profession / life who seek our energy) are connected to our internal networks (physical health; ability / desire to exercise; emotions; cognition/how our thought processes / beliefs are shaped and sexual orientation / inhibitions).

Our site will be your guide to help you understand each one of these aspects of you, what and where the roadblocks are between your networks, why they may be a problem for you now and in the future, and how you can move these barriers out of the way to take better control of your physical, intellectual, sexual, social and emotional health. 

So where are your roadblocks?

Ask yourself these key questions to start getting to the root of your problem and on the road to a healthy future:

What is your problem and why is this problem a problem for you?

Go back in your mind to when your problem started and what was happening in your life at that time. Then let’s explore a little deeper, and here are a few examples of what can manifest:

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