Are YOU in sleep overdraft?

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Key Facts: 
  • Sleep is so important we’re meant to spend a third of our lives doing it!
  • How long we sleep is dependent on chronotype, age and gender
  • Sleep is not about shut down, it’s actually about regeneration, resilience and restoration
  • Sleep debt can result in serious health consequences, as well as damage your judgment, work performance, mood and safety

Whether you’re a lark or a night owl, sleep is not a luxury, nor is it something to be caught up at weekends, or saved for holidays!

Mention ‘healthy lifestyle’ and nutrition and exercise leap to mind, but without banking sufficient sleep hours into your ‘account’, not only is the body unable to regenerate but, more importantly, the brain winds down, hindering our ability to think clearly and keep our emotions balanced. We are meant to spend around one-third of our lives asleep and yet it's the first activity we sacrifice when the pressure is on. Why? Healthy sleep is one of the sure-fire ways of maintaining youthful, resilient, vitality of both body and mind.

Your natural chronotype

It doesn’t take long to work out where we fall on the lark-owl spectrum and this determines our chronotype, which is both age and gender dependent. Women generally require more sleep than men. The Munich Chronotype Questionnaire is well documented in the peer review. Whilst you may have a good idea of where you fit, why not take the questionnaire now and find out for sure.  

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