Can we really change our beliefs?

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“If you don't change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever.  Is that good news?”

 W. Somerset Maugham

Architects and designers

We create our own reality and a large part of the reality we create is based on the beliefs we hold.  If you believe you’re not good enough, then you’ll behave as if you’re not good enough.  This will project to everything and everyone around you.  So not only could it stop you from engaging in things that could bring you joy, or in things where you could excel, but soon enough other people will start to believe you’re right, and treat you accordingly.  If, on the other hand, you believe you can do anything, you’ll be exploring the depth of possibilities and test your capabilities.  Soon enough your experiences will let you know when you’ve reached your limits.  Empowering beliefs keep you resourceful.

We’re not born with beliefs.  We create them.  Yet what we create we can change.  Beliefs are really just a matter of choice.  We can choose to simply change our minds and build new and more helpful beliefs to enrich our experiences anytime we want.  Rewriting the negative beliefs we’ve learned is the essence of becoming the architect of your life.

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