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Key Facts: 
  • There is a wealth of difference between desire and want: desire is natural and healthy, want implies lack and becomes greed
  • Greed does not fulfill, it simply begets more greed
  • Desire is the ignition for the flame of creation and it should not be kept hidden or denied

Greed is not what you think

It isn’t greedy to desire things.  Desire is creative, expressive, and unique to individual taste.  Desire is life giving.

The problem is the guilt.  Guilt makes us want more, guilt makes us feel bad for desiring a lot and going after it.  We mistake our desires for greed but it is want that produces greed, not desire.

There is a vast difference between desire and want.  Desire is natural, and vast and the sky’s the limit.  Want is need and need turns to greed.

Whatever you desire can be created.  Whatever you ‘want’ will not be lasting.  Knowing this, as we all do on some level, there is not the same feeling of satisfaction surrounding the gaining of our wants, as there is surrounding the gaining of our desires.   When we ‘want’, we do become greedy, because wanting is empty in its delivery.  All that glistens is not gold, as the saying goes.

Want is empty, and produces empty ‘things’ that have no substance to them because the juiciness is missing.  This makes us want more and we become needy and greedy, unfulfilled in our ‘wanting’.  When we want things, we don’t love them.

When we desire something, truly, it is because we just love it and the anticipation of it, the taste of it, feels so good.  Even when we don’t yet have it, it is real to us.  It is an exciting, sometimes delicious, feeling.

Want is need turned to greed.  We are talking about the monkey’s hand in the peanut jar.

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