Dawn: co-creation (part 1)

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Key Facts: 
  • As a process, conscious creation also calls to us that which we do NOT want
  • This negative aspect is a necessary lesson in what does and does not constitute love – because, going forward, every creation must be love-based
  • Dissonance in our lives becomes untenable, forcing us to choose other more authentic paths
  • Patience, trust and willpower are our tools to the happiness and creativity that awaits us in the light

This is the first in a two-part series on advanced co creation.

New beginnings in creation

We all have the innate ability to consciously create what we desire, but there is another very important aspect to be aware of:  the act of creation naturally draws to you all you do not want as well.  This can be extremely disconcerting if not understood or expected, and tiresome to deal with unless you hold a calm awareness of how the process works.

There are two sides to everything you desire, so when you create something new, you are calling toward you both the energy of what you want, and the energy of what you do not want.  In a way, you call forth whatever in you is resisting the manifestation of your desired creation, alongside the creation itself.  This is because nothing can manifest if you hold any resistance towards it, either conscious or unconscious.  We have to be shown this resistance before it becomes a wedge in the way of our natural flow.

The spiritual path is an intense process.  Not only are you manifesting your new life and the outcomes of your desires, but you are being brought forward in consciousness, brought to Oneness and to the only real reality – which is the physical embodiment of love.  Therefore you are also being taught the difference between all that is and is not love.  This makes your path one of ego elimination, and it takes willpower to face the challenges this presents.

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