Dawn: co-creation (part 2)

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Key Facts: 
  • As a process, conscious creation also calls to us that which we do NOT want
  • This negative aspect is a necessary lesson in what does and does not constitute love – because, going forward, every creation must be love-based
  • Dissonance in our lives becomes untenable, forcing us to choose other more authentic paths
  • Patience, trust and willpower are our tools to the happiness and creativity that awaits us in the light

This is the second and concluding part of our Co Creation series.

Taking the first step

Creation happens through you, not from you.

When you know what you want to create, you take one step.  The next step will then come of its own accord, quite naturally, and it may be today or it may be tomorrow.  It may even be next week.

Your job is to stay aware but to get out of the way, to not interrupt the creative process, and to hold the space for that next step to come in.  You enable the process of creation, but you do not make decisions for it.  It will decide, through Source, what is to happen next and you will be shown.

The next step, when it comes, could be given to you by another, or it may come to you in your mind’s eye as a flash of inspiration.  Until that ‘right action’ comes, you make no decisions and you take no actions.

How do you know if you are acting from right action?

You feel compelled to act: you cannot help yourself.  It just happens.  It is effortless.

If effort is involved, you have stepped out of your knowing and have tried to control things or have not listened.  You have not stayed aware.  You have listened to your head and not your heart.  Right action always comes through spontaneity, because it is creative.  It is in the moment, and it is right, even if it is not logical.

‘Wrong action’, on the other hand, is hard work.  It is often confusing, uncertain and feels forced.  It tires you out and makes you feel worried and insecure.

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