Dawn: Finding your life purpose

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Key Facts: 
Fulfilling your life purpose and feeling whole go hand in hand 
Both require happiness before either can be achieved
Try this simple exercise to help you focus on your desires whilst you work on your overall happiness
This is a brilliant question because a sense of one’s life purpose and a feeling of wholeness actually go together.  You cannot have one without the other.
It is true that feeling passion for something means that you do it whole-heartedly.  It is also true to say that, for something to be your life purpose, you have to love to do it.  However, sometimes it is impossible to feel passion for anything when life is full of too many other challenges.  And if our thoughts are all on what must be done to survive, it is impossible to know what we love to do.
So, to answer this question, it is possibly better to begin at the end!  Which is this:  the solution to everything, the answer to everything, and the way to know your life purpose lies in knowing your soul purpose.
And your soul purpose is?
To be happy.

We’re born with it…

This may sound infuriatingly glib and tongue-in-cheek, but it isn’t.  Being happy is one hundred percent the prerequisite to knowing what your life purpose is.
You were born to be happy.  That was first and foremost on the list of things that you and your higher-self pre-planned for you.  When you are happy, solutions come easily.  Ideas are there, feelings are there, and passion is there.  Have you ever heard of an unhappy person being passionate about life?

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