Dawn: intention and creative manifestation techniques

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Key Facts: 
  • Creation and manifestation, although seemingly magical, are utterly within the realms of the possible
  • Through conditioning, we have forgotten about our ability to create our own lives
  • By stepping out from underneath the burden of set reality, we can reunite with our innate power and live the lives we make for ourselves

The Magical Secret Quality

Well, ‘secret’ is stretching it a bit as we all have this magical ability, it’s just that most of us have forgotten how to use it.

All of us, whether we know it or not, have the power of creation.

Perhaps the real secret is that creation happens all on its own, without our help.  But it does enhance everything greatly to regain the knowledge as to how to consciously give life to our own creations.

The world we live in has controls and conditions that often stop us from feeling free and loving life.  We know this doesn’t work for us.  So what does work?  Learning how to become a multi-dimensional, fully resilient being in a limitless environment of exhilarating opportunity.  That works!

Natural Nature

We are all, quite naturally, multidimensional in nature.  And as natural beings, creation is one dimension of this nature.  However, generations of conditioning have taken their toll and the ‘knowing’ that is natural to every human being – that core of connectedness that we are born with – has gradually become buried.  You can take the first step back towards your multidimensional nature by adding a dimension to yourself right now.

That dimension is your SPIRIT.  Your spirit is your heart, your soul, your gut feeling, your instinct, your intuition, and your home.  It is there inside of you and always has been.  In fact, you don’t have to add it you just have to remember it.

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