Dawn: living in the present

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Key Facts: 
  • We live our lives either projecting into the future or obsessing about the past – neither of which are real
  • By doing this, we miss out on the opportunities offered by the present – which is real
  • Practicing being ‘present’ at every moment of the day will open up your life to endless possiblity

The present is really all there is.

Thousands of thoughts go through our minds each day and they tend to be mostly about the past, returning to memories and experiences and churning them over again.  We also project into the future by worrying about it all the time, planning and making decisions about our future security.  But by allowing our minds to meander between the past and the future, we miss out on what is happening right now.

Keeping to the Present

To be present is to realise that where you are right now is all there is.  Nothing from the past can touch you any more; nothing from the future is real.  The only real place is HERE.  This should relax you instantly.

Being here means being alert, aware, able.  If you are fully present you are listening, seeing and sensing.  The present moment offers every opportunity you will ever have and if you are not here, experiencing life NOW, then you are missing it altogether.

Bringing yourself to the present moment also brings you to your senses, in the true sense of the word.  Because you are focused here and not focused on the past or future, you can feel and be in touch and be in your skin.  Focusing on the past or future is dreaming.  It is also desiring, which is a good way of ascertaining what you want and what is important to you, but without the present moment, no desire can take hold.

Activating Your NOW muscle

To become present is to become observant.

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