Dawn: Undercurrent of Stress

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Key Facts: 
Stress and fear seem to go hand in hand
Making the decision that you will not carry on living like this is the first step to changing your circumstances
If you really mean it, you will be shown the way through and will change your life for the better
Sometimes we can become so stressed that we no longer even recognise that we are.  Living with so much stress means that decisions are not always made from a place of certainty, thereby putting ourselves in situations of even more stress because we cannot always evaluate our circumstances and actions correctly.
Lack of sleep, poor eating habits, rushes of fear, and/or feelings of dread or anxiety, are not going to go away until the stress levels return to normal.  Taking care of the stress can often take care of everything else, so this is your number one priority.

How to bring the stress levels down

We are put on this earth to fulfill a purpose and fear is certainly not it!  Quality of life is what we are here to experience.  Fear is a sign that things have gone out of control.  That may be an obvious statement, yet those of us who are living at the end of our tethers cannot always seem to change the stress and fear load.
If life is causing you this kind of stress, anxiety and fear, is the life that you are living really worth it?
Realising that you do not want to live this way is what will make change possible and reaching this decision already lessens the anxiety.  You may not know what to do about it, but that is ok.  Just making the decision is the first step and it opens the door to new possibilities and solutions.  They will find you!

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