Dawn: why have goals and dreams

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Key Facts: 
  • Goals and dreams are the framework on which we need to hang our daily life.  Without them we are simply existing
  • The Love List and the Dream to Goal Transference List are two proven and lovely ways to help you fix on your dreams and goals
  • They give us hope, excitement and purpose.  Without them, life has no energy

Life is for the living

Having goals and dreams is the difference between living your life feeling out of control of your future, or living your life with elation, purpose and hope.

When you have a dream it is usually connected to your heart’s desire, and the heart knows what is best.  When you have a goal, you can move yourself in stages towards your dream and ultimately fulfill your heart’s desire.

It may seem like life is going to be lived whether you dream or not, and it may seem that working towards a goal is just an additional stress on top of your workload of responsibilities, but without your dreams and without your goals, you are going nowhere that real to you.  You have to give yourself hope.

When you take heed of your dreams and make decisions that formulate as goals to move towards, you are giving energy to your purpose in life.  Whether your goal is small or large, by deciding upon it you actually begin to move the universal energy toward the manifestation of that goal.  Thoughts have power.

Sometimes it is difficult to see the importance of having dreams and goals if you do not really know what you want.  How do you know what your dreams are?  How do you know what goals to reach for?

Clarifying this at the beginning is of course the most important thing you can do, otherwise you will find yourself making up a list of goals that are based upon what you feel you ought to be reaching for.  Deep in your heart lie your true dreams and desires.

Here are two lovely ways of finding them.

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