Dusk: overwhelmed by negative feelings

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Key Facts: 
  • Anger is a harmful emotion, not only for those around us but for ourselves as well
  • Letting go of this anger can be very hard, requiring a lot of will power and faith
  • Understanding that negative feelings are simply an illusion thrown up by our ego-self is one step towards letting go
  • This article takes you through the process of understanding and release

We are often faced with circumstances that have the potential to trigger many different emotions.  Anger, fear, grief, or some other difficult feeling, can be overwhelming because unhappiness is not our natural state.  

There are many ways for us to explain each of these emotions to you, and to look into their roots, but the fact is that anything that feels bad is an ego self-based error of understanding.  It is a mistake and it can be turned around.

Your ego self is the part of your mind that feels it has to control everything.  Anything that threatens your sense of being in control will cause your ego self to react with alarm.  It does this through feeding you negative emotions, in one form or another, the basis of which is always fear.

As we all have certain triggers and emotional patterns that we fulfill due to the conditioning of our modern world, some of these emotional reactions are repetitive and painful.  Your ego self pulls you back into having what it sees as some semblance of control by bringing you down and filling you with fear or anger if it does not like what is happening.  It is like having never-ending negative feedback in your ear with no hope of ever getting away.

But there is a way through this and it is easier than you may have been led to understand.

When your ego self has you by the shorts!

This may sound funny but honestly it is no joke!

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