Finding your inner resources

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Key Facts: 
  • Confidence is a state of mind, not who you are
  • We ALL have access to this state of mind - we just need to know how to get hold of it when we need it
  • The technique below is one way to ensure you always know where it is

Confidence is a state of mind...

Sometimes we are faced with situations that we feel lacking in appropriate emotional resources to deal effectively with.  Perhaps we are about to engage in a new activity that lies outside our comfort zone and we’d like to feel strong, courageous, calm or confident. Instead we feel worried and insecure.  If, for example, we’re about to give a public speech, or face a job interview, we may lack confidence that we can perform successfully.  Remember, confidence is just an emotional state and not who we are.  Being able to enter a resourceful emotional state in a given situation can greatly increase our performance and sense of accomplishment.

... that we can all access!

In reality we’ve got all the necessary inner resources available to us at all times, but occasionally we struggle to transfer these from one area of our lives into another.  If at some point in our lives we have felt a resourceful emotion like ‘confidence’ – even if this confidence had nothing to do with a new challenge being faced, such as public speaking – all we have to do is tap into that familiar feeling of confidence from our previous experience and bring it into the current situation.  Even if we’ve never felt confident, it’s actually possible to create an imaginative scenario that allows us to experience a confident emotional state.  By tapping into an old or imagined positive experience, we can transfer this state to different situations.

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