High noon: beginning on the path – one step at a time

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Key Facts: 
  • The path of self-awareness is a very natural one
  • It involves new ways of looking at yourself and the world around you
  • Developing new ‘inner muscles’ will help you to feel much more comfortable in your world

Leaving the old

Beginning on a path of self-awareness can seem like a journey into the unknown, which is bound to give you feelings of confusion and sometimes fear. 

In actual fact, the path of self awareness is entirely natural but it may seem difficult to see or to take a new direction when, because of our cultural conditioning in the Western world, it feels as if we are going against all we know to be true and safe.

Self-awareness requires new ways of looking at yourself and the world around you and this, in turn, requires the developing of new inner ‘muscles’.  You will become more self-reliant because your intuition will become more developed, your own trust in your intuition will also develop and your inner sight will be enhanced. 

Not everyone sees the importance of developing these aspects of themselves because their worth is not clearly recognised as a necessary daily survival tool in our modern, pressurised world.  The truth is that, without them, we have very little self-trust and because we have so little self-trust, we feel fear when stepping out of the norm.

This is the very reason we should do it!  Deep down inside, most people feel some uncertainty about themselves and this results in feelings of doubt or insecurity that affect our everyday sense of wellbeing.

When you step onto the path of self-awareness, your inner core becomes developed and the resulting self-confidence you gain is rock solid and immovable.  The lasting feelings of strength and security that arise from this state of being stay with you for life.

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