High Noon: Community - What I do Affects Others

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Key Facts: 
Realising that we operate not alone but as a fundamental part of everything is an important step to reaching wholeness
Always seeing the best in others is a sure-fire way to positively influence not only our own progress but those around us as well.

Everything is connected ...

...which is why, if left undisturbed, a totally harmonious flow occurs throughout all of nature.  
The symphony of nature is orchestrated by the unity of a divine force that we like to see as a great, life-giving, central sun.  This is one of the reasons why we are called ‘Bite the Sun’:  to ‘bite’ the sun is an analogy for all that is supremely healthy and good and worth reaching for – the very best of life!  
The biting of the sun is also symbolic of our quest as human beings to become whole in mind, body and spirit.  On the level of the higher mind, every single one of us is connected to each other.  It is our inner wholeness that enables us to understand how we are joined with the greater whole, the great central sun of our being, and to experience this in everyday life.  


It is from this place of wholeness that we can have the greatest positive influence upon all of life and all others.  This is because a whole person has a vibration that is harmonious with all things and with the natural symphony of life.  
A person expressing this state encourages others to do so, not only because being in the vicinity of a whole and happy human being is attractive and irresistible, but also because it automatically begins to cause the subtle alignment of each person with his or her heart, and to raise his or her own vibration to a higher level of connectedness and content.  It is the place where all of our higher minds unite and it is reached through our sense of wholeness.

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