High noon: ending the cycle of repeating emotional patterns

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Key Facts: 
  • Ever feel like you’re on the hamster wheel of repeating patterns?
  • Leaving feelings unresolved when challenging things happen, leaves you with an opening where a similar situation can occur again
  • Letting yourself off the hook when you may have made mistakes in the past lets you wipe the slate clean
  • Your life experiences are actually gifts that allow you to grow and open new doors if you are brave enough to truly face them

The patterns you are repeating are emotional patterns, and they are always related to the past.  These become repeated in the ways you behave and show up sometimes in very physical terms in your everyday life when they have not been resolved on an inner level.

This may be for several reasons - for instance it may be because of unacknowledged hurt; denial of painful aspects of a past situation that now affects the present; a general lack of awareness of the full picture of what was and is now happening to you; or sometimes as a result of a very simple error or misunderstanding, rather than a complex sequence of events, that led you to become confused at some point along the way.

These patterns may become quite painful over time if they are repeated in the area of your relationships, or your living and working situations.  It is also true to say that these patterns accelerate over time, they do not diminish, and this means that they seem to become more painful and more difficult to understand and ultimately, to break.  Often, we feel embarrassed, ashamed or even horrified that we keep doing the same thing again and again, and these additional feelings act as an impediment to seeing the truth of the original cause of the pattern.

To break the cycle, you usually have to see the pattern from another vantage point, and this is possible with inner work.  Release of a pattern is not difficult to do if the cause of the pattern is recognised from within.  This is what self-awareness is all about.  It frees you with vision, and by putting you in touch with true feelings.  It is also what self-love is all about.

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