High noon: the male and female dynamic

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Key Facts: 
  • Love relationships are some of the most challenging territory we ever have to traverse in life
  • Love and need are too often confused, which confuses the relationship dynamic and takes it off course
  • Feelings of rejection are so hard hitting because they are ancestrally linked to our survival mechanism
  • Being in your Centre before you embark on a new relationship creates the right foundations from the beginning

We do not always understand what love means.

This is not because we do not intrinsically understand how to love and be loved.  It's because we have so many other ideas and conflicting thoughts in the way of this understanding.  We then become confused as to what is love and what is not.  We tend to think it's all love, but love is never confused, and love is never unhappy.

Whether you are in a male/female relationship, a male/male relationship, or a female/female relationship, there are certain dynamics that allow the relationship to flow lovingly, or not.  This same dynamic applies to all relationships.

The love dynamic

In time, a relationship will either –

increase in love and happiness, expand in all ways, grow deeper and deeper in intimacy, and affect all around you in positive and abundant ways


will become confusing with communication that seems distorted, misunderstood or lacking; become painful to experience because trust seems to be broken and belief seems to have been lost; lose the bond of unity; become isolating and filled with negative feelings that oppose the love that lies underneath

If the latter has occurred, in any of its many and various possible ways of being expressed by the unique individuals that we are, the relationship has stepped out of its natural dynamic and will continue down a bumpy, unfulfilling road.

All of us want lasting happiness, but without understanding the dynamic that underlies all relationships, a relationship may go wrong even when there is a great deal of love to sustain it.

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