High Noon: The meaning of self-awareness

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Key Facts: 
Self-awareness is a natural part of ourselves that we have forgotten how to use
Getting it back does require re-training and patience, but its gifts are innumerable
Try our simple exercise to get you back in the habit
To become self-aware is to get in tune with your multidimensional inner self and to live from the promptings of your inner voice.
Your inner self is wise, all knowing, calm, powerful, connected with all knowledge, multi-faceted and immeasurably abundant.  Your inner self leads you to freedom.  It is unlimited in what it sees and in what it can achieve.  To be in touch with your inner self is the greatest gift you can give yourself in life. 
Without self-awareness we can feel disconnected and alone.  Your inner self speaks from the heart, and without this treasure source of ongoing warmth, love, kindness and intuitive input, we move more into our heads and use mind judgments to navigate our path through life.  Although this is not wrong, it leaves so much to question and keeps us perpetually defensive because we always feel a little insecure if we rely fully on our head to do what is actually in our heart.

How do you become self-aware?

You become self aware by learning how to melt into yourself.  This requires a certain amount of practice and patience.  You have to develop the ability to ‘let go’ and learn to become receptive and calm.  This requires willingness and willpower.  
So much of life passes by unnoticed because many of us do not have the eyes to see everything nor the ears to hear everything.  Becoming a self aware person means you gain an additional element of understanding and ability that allows you to be greater than you were before.  You become a multi-dimensional being rather than a three-dimensional being.  You gain a new perspective on life.

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