High Noon: The Question of Denial

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Key Facts: 
  • Denial keeps us from living the life we deserve – it builds a wall around us that nothing and no-one can breach
  • By releasing stored pain and fear, we can free ourselves from denial and open ourselves to life again
  • The process requires patience and kindness, from and to ourselves as well as those around us, but the release will be worth it!
Denial is a closing out of life.  Denial of emotions, feelings and facts can lead a person to become emotionally closed and unavailable.  When we are in denial we stop growing.  Denial gets bigger as time passes, because it requires stronger and stronger defenses to keep life at bay.
This takes a lot of energy.  It is physically wearing and eventually exhausting to hold denial.  It affects our lust for life and our sense of well-being.  Because our bodies, minds and souls thrive on life and growth, denial can and does eventually lead to dis-ease within the physical body.  
If you want longevity, if you want to look and feel young - break free from denial.  Facing and removing denial is liberating, enlightening, health giving and enables the heart to soar once more.

A Brick Wall

No one actively decides to shut out feelings and/or knowledge, but we are all in denial on some level because we are conditioned to behave in certain ways that encourage us to be so.  Certain situations arise that our emotional framework is not equipped to deal with and we push the situation aside to deal with later.  The pushing aside mechanism is what allows denial to grow.  
Having pushed it aside, if anything then occurs to remind us of our denial, such as a similar incident to the one that caused it in the first place, we have to go deeper into denial to deny the trigger and keep the whole lot under wraps.  You can see the vicious circle developing, can’t you?

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