High noon: self respect in perspective

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Key Facts: 
  • Respect for others can only properly be expressed by our behaviour and, without first respecting ourselves, that behaviour isn’t possible
  • Self-awareness, healthy boundaries and appreciation for ourselves and others allows healthy, respectful relationships to build
  • Relationships built on mutual respect and appreciation are long-lasting and solid

Respect and love walk hand in hand, and the glue that sticks them together is appreciation.  Where there is love, there is respect.  You will not find one without the other.  Taking time to appreciate others, to treat them with consideration and to hold them in high esteem, is the mark of a person with integrity.  The person who has love in their life also has a high measure of their own self respect.

What does this mean?  It means that a person has learned how to treat others with respect because they have learned to treat themselves with respect.  We do this when we care about ourselves in a giving rather than a taking way.  We want to give ourselves good opportunities, encouragement, and value.  We know what we deserve and we expect it to come to us.  If we are caring about ourselves in a taking way, we try to ‘get’ or take whatever we can from others and from life because we feel we lack something, or we feel they have more than we do.

To respect another is to give them space, to allow them to be themselves, and to not presume to know them.  Many of us make the mistake of being too ‘familiar’ with others, which is not the same as being friendly.

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