High noon: when emotions are blocked

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Key Facts: 
  • Getting back to your vital self via your heart
  • Finding the silence to get back in touch with your heart
  • The Brilliant Heart 5 min technique

If you are having trouble accessing your feelings, it may be because you have not sat still long enough to listen to You.

When we are under pressure from responsibility, overwork, lack of time, deadlines, feelings of worry, or from stress, we often lose sight of our emotions and of what we are feeling.  Sometimes, the most important thing you can do is to be silent.  Answers come in the silence.

You may be a parent, you may be a leader in your field, you may have to be the sound mind for a large number of people, but whatever you are doing in life, remember that there is more to you than the life you live!

Each of us has a part of us that is wild and untameable, that is expressive and creative and spontaneous and fun.  If you are not able access this side of yourself, if you are blocked from your emotions because of the many other things happening in your life, the free and all-seeing part of you begins to shrivel - because you are feeling separated from the juiciest part of you: your heart.

And how do you get in touch with your heart? 

Through silence.

Your heart has more to say to you than any other part of you, including your brain.  In fact, did you know that your heart has more neural connections with the rest of your body than your brain – it’s the real master controller!  If you feel blocked emotion, it is because your heart cannot be heard.

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